Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Sparky Electric is well versed in all your wiring needs for your home, rental, business building or small manufacturing facility. We have the experience to help you with a repair addition or remodel. Adding a light or outlet? We can do it. Does your office need more outlets or different lighting? Call Sparky Electric. Moving a conveyor or adding to your warehouse? Sparky Electric can help. See what kind of projects we work on...

Design & Consulting

Sparky Electric is well versed in designing electrical systems for your new house, addition or remodel. We can help with commercial and light industrial designs too. This can be done using your blueprint or drawings. Consulting usually involves a site visit to talk over your needs for new installation or changes to existing systems. Using our professional experience before jumping into a “looks okay” design can save on those change orders later.


In electrical language this means you have a problem in your electrical system and you can’t figure out how to fix it. Calling in an expert to help find and fix your problem is usually your last resort. Be aware of your own limitations and your safety. There are times when Sparky can assist you by phone and save those dollars. When we do need to come to your aid, you can be assured that our years of experience will make short work of your problem. We have the know-how to diagnose your blinking, flickering and it-just-doesn’t-work problems and fix them. You may want to try these things before calling us...

New & Remodel

Whether you are planning a new home or adding to your current home, Sparky Electric has the experience to wire per your plans or work with you to create the best electrical system to meet your lifestyle. Bathroom remodels to upgrade lighting and ventilation or kitchen changes to meet your need for different cooking layouts are what we can do. If you are planning an office change or adding one into your building call Sparky Electric. Building a mini mall or office complex? We are here to meet your needs.

Maintenance & Repair

Sparky Electric works with several property management companies and insurance contractors. We also can provide you with expert lighting maintenance, electrical problem repairs and circuit changes as you need. We are happy to work with several realtors on home sale repairs to give you peace of mind whether you are selling or buying. We can help you with small and large repair and maintenance needs.

No Job Too Small

Sparky Electric is a small family company that knows there are times you may just need an outlet repair or a new light fixture installed to replace an old one. You may even have a favorite table or floor lamp that needs help and we are here to do those little things. You name it and we can wire it.